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Our Smart Vision Assistant

SICHERO is a smart vision assistant that helps the elderly live independently and safely in their own flats. It is a mini-computer equipped with cameras and artificial intelligence that monitors users’ activity, predicts falls, and sends an SOS to a nurse if needed. It's non-invasive, using only camera sensors without saving any user data. With SICHERO, the elderly can live safely in their own flats, save on nursing costs, and gain independence. For the children, it is a perfect gift for their parents.

SOS Function

Experience peace of mind with SICHERO's Smart SOS feature — a single press calls a loved one or a nurse instantly. Plus, enjoy easy access to health analytics, user management, and customizable settings, all designed for seamless elderly care at home.

Fall Detection

SICHERO ensures the safety of elderly individuals by detecting falls in real-time. It can accurately identify sudden movements and positions characteristic of a fall and sends an SOS to a nurse.

Dehydration Detection

SICHERO is equipped with advanced object detection and activity algorithms that precisely monitor when the user consumes water. If it identifies a deviation from the user's typical water intake patterns, indicating lower consumption, it promptly notifies the caregivers of this concern.

Activity Recognition

SICHERO meticulously observes a range of user actions, such as sitting, lying down, remaining stationary, and walking. Should there be a noticeable deviation from the user’s typical activity patterns, indicating reduced activity, SICHERO promptly notifies caregivers of these potential concerns.

Automatic SOS Call

Upon detection, SICHERO promptly alerts predefined emergency contacts or care services, ensuring that help is dispatched as quickly as possible.

Voice Command

Our device, enhanced with voice command capabilities, offers robust security by verifying user identity through voice recognition. It intelligently discerns the user's language, interprets spoken statements, and executes tasks such as displaying today's weather forecast.

As AI Data Hub

SICHERO is a mini-computer analysing all the user informatios to help the caregivers recognize anomalies in the behaviour of the elderly.

Safety Everywhere

SICHERO can communicate with up to 3 external flexible moving cameras, ensuring safety and analytics quality wherever needed. You can place those cameras in the living room or in the kitchen, wherever you want.


Private and Safe

No internet needed

No user data saved

Lower nursing costs

No wearables

Automated care-giving

Independent living

Pre-detection of diseases

Work in Progress
Pre-detection of diseases


SICHERO's sophisticated algorithms are designed to recognize common objects such as keys, umbrellas, bottles, and TV remote controls, among others. It features a dynamic 'forgetting score' that tracks the frequency of forgotten items. If this score exceeds a certain limit, indicating a pattern of forgetfulness, SICHERO advises family members to suggest that their loved one should receive a professional health assessment.


SICHERO's advanced algorithms enable the detection of patient movements with granular precision, allowing for the identification of irregularities in skeletal motion. These insights can subsequently aid in recognizing patterns indicative of the progression of Parkinson's disease in patients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does SICHERO send data outside via the internet?

No, SICHERO does not transmit data over the internet. User videos and images are not saved, and no internet
 connection is required. All processing is done on the device, ensuring anonymity.

How does one SICHERO device monitor the entire house?

SICHERO utilizes its own internal intranet, independent of the internet, to connect to its external mini cameras 
 placed throughout your home. This setup allows for real-time monitoring without an internet connection.

Will SICHERO replace sensor devices like the Apple Watch?

No, SICHERO is not designed to replace existing sensor devices. Instead, we're focused on integrating these 
 devices with SICHERO to enhance overall security for our customers.

With many fall-detection sensors available, why choose SICHERO?

SICHERO offers more than just fall detection; it excels in this function and includes additional features. As an 
 AI hub, it's continuously updated with new capabilities, surpassing sensors in performance and versatility.

How is SICHERO updated if it's offline?

Users can update their device by replacing the existing SD card with a new one provided by us through mail. The old SD card can either be securely destroyed at home or wiped clean and returned to us for disposal.

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